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Greetings to you in the Name of our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST!
This site is a directory of African preachers who have met certain biblical standards in principle. Every preacher listed on this site has agreed to uphold the Bible as the infallible word of GOD and to preach the word, the Bible according to the principles of “sound doctrine.”

Before using this site, please read our terms and conditions on the registration page. There are no warranty or guaranty implied or expressed by this site, the APN board and management, and or Dr Ezra and Dr Soul Aniebue and their associates.

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We encourage all pastors across Africa to join us. This is a world class directory of Sound Doctrine and biblical preachers from Africa.Read More »

The Preachers Pledge

I will read my Bible every single day of my life. I will live it, teach it to my spouse and children, and then teach it to the world.Read More »

Benefits of whoiswhonigeria

The Benefits of Free Registration in the Directory 

  • International Recognition from reputable international leaders
  • International certificate and identification card at reasonable fees
  • Demonstrates that you have Scriptural balance and standards at least in principle

African Pastors Network

Establish GOD centered and biblically sound process in our registrations. Each registered preacher must meet certain non-negotiable conditions.